2 Year Service Warranty Plan


Call 877-970-7867 for RGA approval and to obtain your RGA number

ALL 2 Year Service Warranty Plan return items MUST be sent with an RGA number and be separate from other repair items! If an RGA number can not be found with each item when received, it may not be repaired or replaced.



1) Detach all hoses and nozzles. Drain and flush all pumps/units/meters of all liquids as best as you can.

2) Each item MUST be placed in a tied garbage bag before being placed into shipping container.

3) DO NOT send hoses and nozzles in with pumps for repair.

4) Print the Repair Form

5) Fill in your information and attach it to the tanks, pallets or boxes you will be sending the items in.

6) Please use the shipping label: RGA Shipping Label

Be sure your RGA number is included on your return label and print two copies: One to be placed INSIDE the shipping container and the second to be attached to the OUTSIDE of the shipping container.

7) Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.



7 or More: Freight Carrier

With this quantity of pumps/units/meters, it is more economical to use a freight carrier. We recommend cutting the top off an old cage tank and place pumps inside (this is the easiest way). A pallet can be used if securely shrink wrapped together. We suggest using Con-Way Freight 1-800-426-6929

6 or Less: Parcel Courier
Each pump/unit/meter needs to be wrapped in a garbage bag and zip tied before being put in a shipping container of any kind. We suggest using UPS 1-800-742-5877 or FedEx 1-800-463-3339

Send Items To:

Pump and Meter Solutions
6660 E 266th Street, Suite 100
Arcadia, IN 46030

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.



1) Once our shop receives your shipment, it will be logged in and you will get a receipt confirmation via email.

2) All equipment is flushed and cleaned, repaired, repainted and labeled

3) You will be notified of all costs and/or if your service requires non-covered repairs.

4) After all work is complete, repaired equipment will be packaged and shipped back to you in the cage tank, pallet or box that it was sent in.