How to Calibrate your DURA-METER™ – Narration

Meter Calibration Video Narration: How to Calibrate your DURA-METER™ on an Auto-Batch System

Today, we’ll be demonstrating how to calibrate your DURA-METER™ on an Auto-Batch System from Dura Products. Additional items needed for this instructional video are a calibration container, your DURA-METER™ and a flashlight if necessary. Also, depending on what the PPE is recommending for the chemical you’re calibrating. We recommend that gloves, goggles, or any other safety equipment is necessary.

To begin, push any key to start your meter. Flip the switch to make sure that your meter is set to manual mode for calibration and if you aren’t using a Dura Auto-Batch system, this step does not apply. Make sure that your pump is set to prime, and once on open the valve for the liquid to flow through. Once liquid begins to flow steadily, close the valve and turn the pump off. Place the hose to the side or in the calibration container. Hold down the CAL button and press calibrate. Turn the pump back on and open the valve so that the liquid can be dispensed inside the measured window on your calibration container. Once liquid has reached the calibrated window, close the valve and turn the pump off. Press continue, the meter will want the exact number dispensed so use your flashlight if necessary to see how much liquid is dispensed inside the container. Use the up and down arrow key to make sure that the number on your DURA-METER™ matches the number dispensed inside the container. Press the save button and select any fluid preset you’d like. Drain the liquid so that your container is completely empty. We’re using water for this presentation so drain cautiously depending on the liquid that you’re draining. Once empty, you’re ready to test your calibration.

To run calibration, click the CAL button then press PRECAL, and make sure that you click the preset you saved your calibration under. For this demonstration, we chose Fluid 2, so yours might be different. When your meter is on the homes creen, place your hose inside the calibration container, and turn the pump back on. Open the valve and if done correctly, the amount dispensed inside the calibration container should be the exact number saved under your preset.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your calibrated DURA-METER™ from Dura Products.

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