How to Change a Dura-Meter™ Faceplate Narration

Chemical Meter Repair Video:  How to Change a Dura-Meter™ Faceplate

Welcome to an instructional video on how to change your Dura faceplate.  For this video, you’ll need a screw gun with the T20 Torx split or a T20 screwdriver.  Also, if you plan on changing the batteries, four triple-a batteries are needed, as well.

To begin, remove the eight screws and set the old faceplate to the side.  Note that if you want to change the batteries, on the back side you’ll find a clip.  Pull the clip out and the batteries should fall out.  Place the new batteries inside followed with the retainer clip.

When tightening the screws back on they only need to be snug and not completely tightened.  Try to screw the opposite screw on the other side when putting on the new faceplate.

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully changed your Dura faceplate.

Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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