How to Replace a DURA-PUMP™ Cartridge – Narration

Herbicide Pump Repair Video: How to Replace a DURA-PUMP™ Cartridge

In this video, we’ll be replacing a DURA-PUMP™ cartridge. First, remove the screws that hold the pump together. Set the pump to the side, and grab a flathead, if necessary, to remove the cartridge. Once removed, take out the old bottom housing gasket. Notice the difference between the bottom gasket and the one-way check valve. Inspect the cartridge and bypass gasket then replace the old bottom housing gasket with the new one. It’s important that the flat piece of the cartridge faces the outlet of the discharge port. We recommend you lubricate your cartridge so it’ll be easier to slide on. Grab your motor and make sure that your dimples and wobble plate match your screw holes so that way they align with the pistons. Start all your screws before tightening, then tighten into a star pattern formation. Lastly, you can take a wrench to make sure that they’re snug.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your DURA-PUMP™ from Dura Products.

For more herbicide pump repair assistance, you can reach Dura Products tech support at 317-984-4003.

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