Dura-Load Station

Dura-Load Station™

SKU: DP-LoadStation.


Dura-Load Station

The Dura-Load Station is an innovative solution to the inefficient and time-consuming process of loading your agriculture sprayer. To begin with, the system contains 4 high flow Dura-Pumps and 4 Dura-Meters.  Also included is a Banjo Honda 3″ pump for main line water throughput.  For the purpose of ease, Banjo electric valves make the operation as simple as flipping a switch.  Chemicals can be preloaded before the sprayer arrives at the nurse truck and ready for loading.


In addition, you can also adapt the Dura-Load Station to use the new Dura-ABS system as well.  The tanks receive the measured chemicals and vacuum suck dry via a venturi.


To learn more about the Dura-Load Station™ Advantage and how the station operates, click the “Product Video” tab.

Product Video