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Easy Seal Dual Action Auto Vent 2″ NPT


SKU: DP-V4002.


Easy Seal Dual Action Auto Vent 2″ NPT – Cage Tank Lid


It is necessary to have proper ventilation on any tank that holds liquid.  While a vent may seem like a small part of a system, it is necessary.  Without proper ventilation, even a small tank can collapse when used with a pump.  This vented cage tank lid solves that problem.  Use with a Dura-Pump™ (sold separately, see below for more information) to prevent your tank or tote from collapsing on emptying.


While a tank can collapse inward, in the right conditions, it can also expand outwards, causing explosion.  This can happen if a liquid is left in the sun and vaporizes, causing the chemical to expand and take up more space.  A dual action vent allows the tank to breath outward, as well to prevent this scenario.


To see what happens when a tank isn’t vented properly, click here


More information on the Dura-Pump™ Herbicide Pump – sold separately

The Dura-Pump™ Herbicide Pump features

  • High-Flow with up to 15GPM free flow rate
  • Self-priming diaphragm pump with internal by-pass
  • Motor thermally protected from overheating
  • 30 minute duty cycle
  • Suction port has 2″ Male NPT and 1″ Female NPT
  • Pump is easily field serviceable
  • Features 2 Year Maintenance & Warranty Plan


Dura Products high-flow Dura-Pump™ can pump up to 15 Gallons per Minute (56 liters per minute).  It is a self-priming diaphragm pump with internal by-pass.  Additionally, the motor is thermally protected from overheating.


The Dura-Pump™ is easily field serviceable, so you can extend the life of your pump with simple repairs.  It has 30 minute duty cycle.  Finally, all Dura Products come standard with a 2-Year Warranty & Maintenance Program, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in