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Tamper Evident Plastic Seal, 100 pack


Tamper Evident Plastic Seal, 100 pack

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Tamper Evident Plastic Wire Seals, 100 pack

American Castings’s  tamper evident plastic wire seals stand out as a superior option for sealing with wire. This unique plastic and wire security seal locks without tools. Use it with various wire types or specialty cords of any length to fit almost any seal application.

These type of seals are the oldest and most versatile type of tamper-evident seals. Seals with lead, commonly used in the past, are are becoming obsolete for most wire seal applications. This has introduced a range of alternatives.

The PSW-97® locking mechanism is a security innovation originally patented by AC&M. Its stainless steel plunger (key) pushes and snaps firmly into place inside the seal, and effectively deters or exposes tampering. Unlike other plastic & wire security seals, wire options are almost unlimited, because the wire is not attached permanently to the seal body, leaving you with the ability to choose the right wire type and length every time.

Apply the tamper evident seal by inserting twisted wire of various metals.

Lock this tamper evident plastic seal easily without tools. The locked seal has nearly 45 kgs (100 lbs) of breaking strength. Though strong and resistant to accidental breakage, the security seals are removed with common wire cutting tools, and cannot be re-used.

Common applications include utility meters and other metering devices, storage boxes, cabinets and bins, lockouts, coin boxes and other types of locks and closures with openings of 1mm or more.

The manufacturer has tested this tamper evident seal and proven that it remains secure during continuous outdoor use in harsh climates. The materials are durable while providing excellent visible evidence of attempts to open by force, or tampering with the seal. The body shows fine cracks or fracture marks when this occurs.



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