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Universal Motor Bracket


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Universal Motor Bracket

This universal motor bracket is used in all of Dura Products Monsanto and Snyder/GEM Cap Tank specialty systems, as well as in their Monsanto Tank and Snyder Tank Easy Caddy Conversion Kits.


More information on the Dura-Pump Easy Caddy

1 Chemical Transfer System, Use it 6 Ways

  • Mount the Easy Caddy in six different configurations on a variety of tank/tote and drum types
  • Use it mounted on top of a tank or on top of a 30/55 Gallon Drum.  Also, can be used on the side of a tank, or off the ground depending on user preference
  • Additionally, conversion kits are available to mount a system on Monsanto or Snyder type tanks
  • Includes a 2-year Warranty & Maintenance Program
  • Use the system with or without a meter


The Dura-Pump™ Easy Caddy chemical transfer system contains Dura Products’ popular Dura-Pump™ mounted conveniently in a sturdy frame proudly assembled in Indiana.   Additionally, it comes with all necessary connections for common IBC tanks and totes.  You can draw from the ubiquitous 2″ camlock at the bottom.  Constructed from quality materials with rigorous weather and demanding applications in mind.


In addition to the durability, the Dura-Pump™ Easy Caddy ag chemical system frame mounts in 6 different configurations on a variety of tank/tote and drum types.  Although it most commonly hangs on the side of a tote, you can also mount it on top of a cage tank or on top of a 55 gallon drum, on the side of a cage tank, or off the ground depending on user preference.


Conversion kits are available to the mount the chemical transfer system on Monsanto and Snyder type tanks (See Conversion How-To) .  A tote is not included with the system.  However, the system comes with an accessory kit and required hose to make all necessary connections.  As always, Dura Products stands behind their products and in front of the competition with a 2-year Warranty and Maintenance Program.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 13 × 13 in