12V transfer pump repair

Pump Repair and Service

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Call Now to schedule your pump repair — Be Season Ready!

It’s that time again.  Fields are being prepped and it’s time to inspect your equipment.  If you are like most, there’s a tote full of pumps somewhere around the shop.  Half are non-functional, all are dirty, no one knows what chemicals were used in them last year, and that one pump has a dead mouse in it.  Yes, really, we’ve seen it all!  Let us do your pump repair for you.

Sure, you can have your shop labor try to salvage what’s salvageable and clean-up what they can.  But why?  Do they have all the parts needed readily available?  Do they know how to check a gasket for chemical compatibility? What about making sure the pump has proper suction? Have they ever taken a Sotera apart? We have, its a mess of parts! Do you have an EPA compliant triple rinse system?  We do!

Why would you want to take the chance of cross contamination of product?  Why would you repair your own pumps when we can do it better and cheaper?  Sure, I can change my own oil, but it’ll cost me a lot more in time and headaches than having Jiffy Lube do it.  Unlike the lube store, we won’t try and upsell you on a cabin air filter that you don’t need.

We’ll fix your pump fast and send it back like new. You’ll never be charged more than the cost of a Remanufactured pump of similar make and model.  All repaired pumps come with 1 year warranty.  And if we can’t fix it, we’ll dispose of the junked parts in an ecologically proper manner for free.

Don’t wait! We work on a FIFO basis.  First pump repair in, First out. Be season ready for 2017! Call us at 877-970-7867 to have your busted, broken and dirty pumps on their way to new life for the 2017 spraying season.