Dura-ABV Video Narration

Narration of DURA-ABV™ with Banjo EVX® Electric Valve Video

This demonstration features a 2” transfer pump and a Handler with a 2” venturi system.

The pump is running and water is flowing through the system.  The manual valves on the concentrate tanks are open and the “AB switch” on the Dura-Meter is in the “Auto” position.

-Turn the valve from the “full-flow” position to the “venturi draw” position.

-Open the 2” valve that feeds the venturi.

-Press any button on the Dura-Meters to wake them up.

-With the desired amounts set, push the button under “Start” on each meter.

-The Banjo EVX® valves will each open and the venturi will draw product through the meter and valve.

-When the batch is complete, the Dura-Meter will signal the Banjo valve to close.

-Open the water valve to flush the venturi line after each batch.

-Close the 2” valve feeding the venturi.

-Turn the valve from “venturi draw” position to “full-flow” position.

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