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Dura-Meter™ Body


SKU: DP-PMB3000.


Dura-Meter™ Body Replacement Part for Dura-Meter™ Herbicide Meter

Don’t throw out your Dura-Meter™ herbicide meter!  Repair it with Dura Products repair parts such as the Dura-Meter™ Body, so you can extend the life of your equipment.  The Dura-Meter™ Body is available with EPDM, Viton, or Silicone seals, depending on which Ag Chemicals the user is measuring.  Consult Dura Products’ Ag Chemical Chart for a list of commonly used chemicals and their compatible seals.  Dura Products’ Dura-Meter™ body includes a 2-year Warranty.


To replace the Dura-Meter™ Body, remove the working faceplate from your Dura-Meter™ and place it on a new Dura-Meter™ Body, so you can get your equipment running like new.  See the video below to learn how to remove the faceplate from your Dura-Meter™.



Made of impact resistant Lexan™ faceplate, the Dura-Meter™ has 100% moisture sealed circuitry.  It has a menu driven backlit display and is plumbed for both in-line and 90 degree applications.   Please visit for more information on the Dura-Meter™.   The Dura-Meter™ can be purchased at


The Dura-Meter™ features extended battery life with use of 4 “AAA” batteries and the faceplate is over-molded with Santoprene and filled with gel for improved shock resistance.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in


EPDM seals are good in steam applications and offer excellent chemical resistance to a variety of acids and alkalines. Fairly good in ketones and alcohols. Not recommended for use in applications involving petroleum oils, strong acids, or strong alkalines. They have exceptionally good weather aging and ozone resistance. Temperature rating is from -20ºF to +225ºF (250ºF intermittent service).


Viton® seals have excellent chemical resistance. They can be used in most applications involving mineral acids, salt solutions, chlorinated hydrocarbons and petroleum oils. They are particularly good in hydrocarbon service. Not suitable for steam or hot water service. Temperature rating is from -20°F to +300°F.


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