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    SKU: DEF-6018E.


    Dura-Pump DEF

    The High-Flow Dura-Pump™ DEF for Diesel Exhaust Fluid with up to 18GPM free flow rate and 10+ GPM with 3/4″ discharge hose and nozzle. It contains a self-priming diaphragm pump with internal by-pass, meaning you can close the hose without impacting the pump.  Also notable, no DEF creeps through the seals. Added to that, the Dura-Pump DEF maintains reliability in most extreme environments.


    In the event that the 30 minute duty cycle is not observed, the motor is thermally protected from overheating and will shut-off automatically to protect from damage. In addition, you can easily service the pump in the field. Simply, remove 6 screws to change the cartridge and you have rebuilt the pump.


    The Suction port has both a 2″ Male NPT and a 1″ Female NPT connection for a wide range of options.  10 minute auto-shut off is available (110V only). ISO22241-3 Compliant. Features 2 Year Service Warranty Plan and includes 2 Year Maintenance Program.


    The Dura-Pump™ DEF is part of Dura Products’ line of premium high-flow DEF dispensing systems.  Pump & Meter Solutions also offers a complete system to transport, dispense, and store Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  Find out more at


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    Additional information

    Weight 19 lbs
    Dimensions 19 × 15 × 15 in


    Check Valve: Internal; EPA 165.45 compliant

    Vertical Suction Lift: Self-priming to 10ft

    Power Corde: 12 Volt = 20ft; 110 Volt = 6.5ft

    Motor: 1/4 HP

    Amps: 12 Volt = 18.5; 110 Volt = 2.0

    Suction Port: 2″ Male and 1″ Female NPT thread

    Discharge Port: 1″ Female NPT thread

    Auto Shut-Off Option: Yes; 10 minute; for 110 Volt only

    ISO22241-3 Compliant: Yes

    Wetted Materials: Polypropylene; 304 Stainless Steel; Santoprene (73 Shore); EPDM Seals

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