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    Dura-Pump™ DEF Easy Caddy Top Suction DEF Transfer Pump System

    The Dura-Pump™ DEF Easy Caddy Top Suction Diesel Exhaust Fluid transfer pump system for totes with RPV type valve mounts to the top of a 135, 275 or 330 gallon tote.  This pumping system contains a high-flow DEF Dura-Pump™, MicroMatic RPV Coupler, 3/4″ x 20 ft discharge hose and a 3/4″ x 1.5 ft suction hose.  Additionally, it includes a manual or automatic nozzle and all necessary hose clamps and fittings.  An optional DEF Dura-Meter™ can be added as well.



    Features of the DEF Dura-Pump™

    • High-flow pump with up to 18 gallons per minute free flow rate and 10+ gallons per minute with 3/4″ discharge hose and nozzle
    • Self-priming diaphragm pump with internal bypass
    • Thermally protected motor will not overheat
    • Has a 30-minute duty cycle
    • Suction port has 2″ Male and 1″ Female NPT


    Features of the optional DEF Dura-Meter™

    • Impact resistant Lexan faceplate
    • 100% moisture sealed circuitry
    • Menu driven backlit display
    • Plumbed for both in-line and 90 degree applications


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    Additional information

    Weight 35 lbs
    Dimensions 27 × 17 × 12 in


    10+ GPM Pump: High-Flow Dura-Pump™

    Coupler: RPV; MicroMatic

    Discharge Hose: 3/4″ x 20ft DEF

    Suction Hose: 3/4″ x 1.5ft

    Nozzle: Manual or Automatic

    Meter: DEF Dura-Meter™ (optional)

    Other: All hose clamps and fittings

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