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  • Durable Herbicide pump
  • 110 Volt Dura-Pump™ Ag Chemical Pump


    SKU: DP-6018-110.


    Dura-Pump™ Ag Chemical Pump

    The Dura-Pump™ Ag Chemical Transfer Pump features

    • High-Flow with up to 18GPM free flow rate
    • Self-priming diaphragm pump with internal by-pass
    • Motor thermally protected from overheating
    • 30 minute duty cycle
    • Suction port has 2″ Male NPT and 1″ Female NPT
    • Pump is easily field serviceable
    • Features 2 Year Maintenance & Warranty Plan


    Dura Products high-flow Dura-Pump™ can pump up to 18 Gallons per Minute (68 liters per minute).  It is a self-priming diaphragm pump with internal by-pass.  Additionally, the motor is thermally protected from overheating.


    The Dura-Pump™ is easily field serviceable, so you can extend the life of your pump with simple repairs.  It has 30 minute duty cycle.  Finally, all Dura Products come standard with a 2-Year Warranty & Maintenance Program, so you can be confident in your purchase.


    Chemical Pump Additional Specifications

    • Vertical Suction Lift:  Self-priming to 10ft, 3m
    • 110 Volt power cord is 6.5, 2m
    • Motor:  1/4 HP; 186W
    • Amps:  110 Volt: 2.0
    • Discharge Port:  1″ Female NPT Thread
    • Wetted materials:  Polypropylene, Santoprene, EPDM, Viton or Silicone Seals, 304 Stainless Steel


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    Dura Products is an Indiana based manufacturer of state-of-the art
    metering, pumping and dispensing systems, and all products are
    manufactured in America’s heartland.  Founded
    by owners with decades of knowledge in farming and the chemical
    sales industry, Dura Products prides itself on innovative, versatile
    and durable designs with the end customer always in mind.

    Additional information

    Weight 14 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


    Check Valve: Internal; EPA 165.45 compliant

    Vertical Suction Lift: Self-priming to 10ft

    Amps: 12 Volt = 20ft; 110 Volt = 6.5ft

    Motor: 1/4 HP

    Amps: 12 Volt = 8.5; 110 Volt = 2.0

    Suction Port: 2″ Male and 1″ Female NPT thread

    Discharge Port: 1″ Female NPT thread

    Wetted Materials: Polypropylene; 304 Stainless Steel; Santoprene (73 Shore); EPDM or Viton® Seals

    EPDM vs Viton Seals

    EPDM seals are good in steam applications and offer excellent chemical resistance to a variety of acids and alkalines. Fairly good in ketones and alcohols. Not recommended for use in applications involving petroleum oils, strong acids, or strong alkalines. They have exceptionally good weather aging and ozone resistance. Temperature rating is from -20ºF to +225ºF (250ºF intermittent service).


    Viton® seals have excellent chemical resistance. They can be used in most applications involving mineral acids, salt solutions, chlorinated hydrocarbons and petroleum oils. They are particularly good in hydrocarbon service. Not suitable for steam or hot water service. Temperature rating is from -20°F to +300°F.

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