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    Dura-ABS™ DI Direct Injection System – 3″ Plumbing

    The Dura Auto-Batch System DI (Automated Direct Injection) works by direct injecting herbicides into the carrier flow while filling the sprayer.

    “Reduced our sprayer load time by more than 78%.”                      – Austin Woodward, Woodward Farms                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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    Dura Aut0-Batch™ Direct Injection Spray Tender System with 3″ Plumbing 

    The Dura Auto-BatchDirect Injection is an automated spray tender system that works by direct

    injecting herbicides into the carrier flow while filling the sprayer

    Don’t mortgage the farm to automate your filling process!  Just upgrade your current 2″ or 3″ system.

    The Dura Aut0-Batch Direct Injection Spray Tender System is the most cost-effective sprayer loading system on the market.  This chemical handling system reduces sprayer load time by up to 80%.  The system is automated, so the operator can multi-task.  It provides recirculation, so it maximizes chemical performance.  It simultaneously direct injects chemicals and is a closed fill system, reducing operator exposure to chemicals.  The Dura Auto-Batch Direct Injection gives you a high return on your investment by maximizing the capacity of your existing equipment and reducing labor and machinery costs.


    By optimizing loading efficiency for narrow application windows, you can get a return on your investment in less than 9 spraying days.  In fact, the folks over at built a model to test the benefits of all of the elements of a spray operation that effect productivity.  They found that decreasing sprayer loading time was the winner as far as increasing on-field spraying time.  Read the article here.


    Calculate your Return on Investment here:



    Competitive Comparison:  This chart compares the Dura Auto-Batch Direct Injection system to the QuickDraw, the Mixmate, the Pit Stop and a simple Cone with Venturi Plumbing system based on the following factors:  Purchase Price, Load Time, Automation, Recirculation Ability and Direct Injection Capability



    • Lowest cost automated sprayer filling system
    • Filling your sprayer has never been easier or faster
    • Reduces operator error and herbicide exposure
    • Provides recirculation, maximizing chemical performance
    • Accurately dispenses repeatable batches
    • Eliminates cross contamination

    Example fill – 1,000 gallon batch size:  Filled in less than 5 1/2 minutes with 2″ plumbing

    • 37.5 gallons of  SureStart
    • 3.75 gallons Atrazine
    • 25.0 gallons of Glyphosate
    • 12.5 gallons of 2,4-D


    How it Works

    1. Select the volume desired
    2. Press START
    3. The pump will  begin to inject fluid then automatically shut off upon completion


    Great filling system. Went from 20 minutes load time with two people to less than 7 minutes by myself using the Dura Auto-Batch Direct Injection System. It also allows me to multi-task while filling my sprayer. Takes hours off my machine and keeps me in the field.”   – Austin Woodward, Woodward Farm


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    Additional information

    Weight 300 lbs
    Dimensions 48 × 40 × 44 in
    AG or DEF



    Dura-ABS DI Direct Injection Videos:

    Animation Video

    In Field Demonstration

    Assembly Video


    EPDM / Viton®/ Silicone Seals

    EPDM seals are good in steam applications and offer excellent chemical resistance to a variety of acids and alkalines. Fairly good in ketones and alcohols. Not recommended for use in applications involving petroleum oils, strong acids, or strong alkalines. They have exceptionally good weather aging and ozone resistance. Temperature rating is from -20ºF to +225ºF (250ºF intermittent service).

    Viton® seals have excellent chemical resistance. They can be used in most applications involving mineral acids, salt solutions, chlorinated hydrocarbons and petroleum oils. They are particularly good in hydrocarbon service. Not suitable for steam or hot water service. Temperature rating is from -20°F to +300°F.

    Silicone seals are recommended for the following products:  Accord®, Accord® XRT II, Ammonium Sulfate, Duramax®, Durango®, Enlist Duo®, Garlon® 3A, Instinct®, Intimidator®, Keystone®, Keystone® LA, Matador®, Resicore®, SureStart®, SureStart® II, Surpass® EC

    Help Me Choose


    Pump: (4) High-Flow Dura-Pump™

    Plumbing: (4) 3″ Plumbing Kit

    Gauge: (1) 3″ Gauge Kit

    Meter: (4) Dura-ABS™ Auto Batch Meter

    Frame: (1) DI Metal Frame


    53” Tall from floor to the top of control panel

    40” Tall to the top of frame (excluding control panel)

    18 ½ ” Deep

    27” Wide

    7″ Battery plate off back of frame on the bottom

    Other: All hose clamp, elbows and nipples

    Competitive Comparison

    Competitive Comparison of the Dura-ABS™ DI Automated Direct Injection Sprayer Filling System to other Sprayer Filling Systems


    The Dura-ABS™ DI Automated Direct Injection System is the most cost effective solution on the market to automate the filling process!



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