Gallons to Ounces Narration

Meter Programming Video: How to switch your DURA-METER™ from Gallons to Ounces

Today, we’ll be demonstrating how to turn the default measurement of gallons to ounces on the Dura Auto-Bach System.

First, flip the switch to manual mode above your DURA-METER™ and make sure that your Dura pump is off. Click the program button and on your menu driven backlit display, click next. Continue hitting next until you find units of measurement.  Click ounces and you’ll see that your measurement has been switched. Once home, you’ll notice that ounces now appears in the bottom right hand corner. Flip the switch above your DURA-METER™ to auto mode.  You can press up and down depending on how much fluid you need dispensed, but for this demonstration we’ll be adjusting the units of measurement to 56 ounces. Before starting, turn the Dura pump back on. Then press start.

Once complete, turn the pump off and flip the switch back to manual mode above your DURA-METER™.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your Auto-Batch system from Dura Products.

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