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5 Gallon Calibration Jug




5 Gallon Calibration Jug


Use this 5 Gallon Calibration Jug to calibrate your Dura-Meter™ or Dura-AB™ Auto-Batch Meter (sold separately)


Blow-molded high density polyethylene construction makes it very strong and durable, yet lightweight. Each white, translucent 5 gallon container is individually calibrated at the factory to an accuracy of plus/minus 0.5%. Accuracy may vary depending upon fluid temperature at the time of use.


How to calibrate a Dura-Meter™ using a 5 Gallon Calibration Jug



Features of the Dura-Meter™ Ag Chemical Meter

  • Made of Impact Resistant Lexan™ faceplate
  • 100% moisture sealed circuitry
  • Menu driven backlit display
  • Plumbed for both in-line and 90 degree applications
  • Includes a 2-year Warranty & Maintenance Program


The Dura-Meter™ Ag Chemical Meter was re-designed in 2016 to be made of impact resistant Lexan™ faceplate, so it holds up to the toughest treatment. It can also can withstand impacts common in the agricultural market and beyond.  Made with 100% moisture-sealed circuitry, the meter is impervious to water intrusion.


This herbicide meter boasts a Quick List reference chart that allows the user to simply input a number that corresponds to the chemical viscosity and adjust up or down for more accuracy.  Dura Products doubled the battery life in 2016 with the addition of 4 “AAA” batteries, so you can stay in the field longer. It is over-molded with Santoprene and filled with gel, so the face-plate has improved shock resistance.


The Dura-Meter™ uses an industry leading menu driven backlit display, so it is the easiest of all chemical meters on the market to use in all light conditions.  Also, it is plumbed both for in-line and 90 degree applications, adding to its versatility. In addition to the rich features, a 2 Year Maintenance Program and warranty come standard. It is available with EPDM Silicone, and Viton® seals.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 12 in