Dura-ABS DI Direct Injection System

Pump & Meter Solutions is proud to offer the Dura-ABS DI Direct Injection System. Check out the fully automated spray tender system on our video page! https://www.pumpandmeter.com/videos/ The Dura Auto-Batch System DI (Automated Direct Injection) works by direct injecting herbicides into the carrier flow while filling the sprayer. Check out the many videos of the […]

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12V transfer pump repair

Pump Repair and Service

Call Now to schedule your pump repair — Be Season Ready! It’s that time again.  Fields are being prepped and it’s time to inspect your equipment.  If you are like most, there’s a tote full of pumps somewhere around the shop.  Half are non-functional, all are dirty, no one knows what chemicals were used in […]

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From the Field

A satisfied user of the Dura-Load station is using his machine to more efficiently run his spraying operation. Kyle Boone, of Boone Farms, recently wrote in to us to express his delight at the ease of use and speed of his Dura-Load Station.  Kyle has his nurse truck outfitted with a 5000 gallon water tank […]

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